Rock that 8-bit

I love me some 8-bit remix. Maybe its the nostalgia of all those Atari, C64 and Nintendo games that I played in my youth. Or something in my genetics that instinctually draws me to all things "video game". Whatever the case, people have been creating new music or remixing popular songs using vintage computer and gaming system sound effects for some time now. As with any genre, some of these are ok and some are done incredibly well.

For example back in 2005, Beck put out the Gameboy Variations EP that featured 4 of his songs from his Guerro album remixed in 8-bit. I like Beck and I love video games so I instantly dug this. It has a much higher production value than most remixes out there but that should be expected.

Here’s a youtube vid of E-Pro:

The songs are available on iTunes, here’s a link: Gameboy Variations

This guy NESSongsrus, has done some amazing work too:

Besides YouTube, there are a bunch of sites out there on Chip music, here are a few if you’re interested. I’ll post some more in the future:

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