Pac-Man is Art

Sometimes late at night I find myself delving into the outer reaches of the internet. Lost in some weird land of link hopping that bears no semblance to whatever the hell my original Google search was. These expeditions usually end horribly, stumbling onto things that my eyes wish they never saw. Every once in a while though, I find something awesome.

This is called “The Madness of Mission 6” by Travis Pitts and its the most incredible Pac-man inspired art I’ve ever seen (Click on the above pic to see the full shot). I can’t beleive this has been floating around the internet since 2006 and I just finally found it. You can read a little backstory on the image here.

In a nutshell, Pac-Man is actually a cosmonaut running from the ghosts of his fellow cosmonauts while devouring as much anti-anxiety medication as possible…and the occasional fruit or two.

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