Over 300 Free To Play Dos Games

Wow, RGBClassicGames.com has over 300 old-school Dos games currently available and free-to-play via browser (Java). That’s a lot of friggin games. These little gems of yore are shareware, freeware or abandonware that the fine people at RGB Classic Games want to preserve for future generations to enjoy. I just experienced some serious flashbacks.

Sure, there are some obscure ones in there but you can also play some retired all-stars like: Doom, Star Wars: Dark Forces, Wolfenstein, Sam and Max, Earthworm Jim, and Mega Man X to name a few.

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Gog.com 60% Off Sale on Classic EA Games

Gog.com is running a 60% off special on 29 old school EA games until Nov 6th. These bad boys are only $2.36 each. There are some classics in there too. Check out the list:

Brutal Doom Mod is, well… Brutal!

What’s the best way to spur new life into an old game? Add more death. The great grandfather of FPS games, Doom, received a Halloween update in the form of the Brutal Doom mod. This bad boy adds boatloads of blood, guts and custom death animations to all the denizens of hell. It’s quite impressive to see mods still coming out for a game that’s almost 20 years old.

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GOG.com: Pay What You Want Special

GOG is running a Pay What You Want Special on DRM-Free Interplay games until November 1st. Do you want 8 games for $1? Go for it. 32 games for $35 that are normally over $190? They’re yours. Plus, you get a bunch of other goodies, such as soundtracks, artwork, wallpapers, maps and more.

There are some heavy hitters in there too such as: Jagged Alliance 2, Fallout 1, Fallout 2, Giants: Citizen Kabuto, MDK, and Earthworm Jim.

Click Here and get yo games.

Atari, Say It Ain’t So…

I look back on the Atari 2600 with a wholesome nostalgia. It’s there in the golden haze of my childhood when games seemed simple and innocent. How can you offend anyone with such pixilated graphics and when gore and blood were practically unheard of?

Well, I thought that was the case until I found out about Custer’s Revenge. Evidently someone out there thought the Atari 2600 needed an offensive adult video game. Before I get into the details, I recommend you kiddies skip this post. The graphics may be comically bad but the content is inappropriate none the less.

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