CardHunter: New Card Hunting Video

Blue Manchu has released a gameplay video of their upcoming browser-based game Card Hunter and it looks just as good as I thought it would. It’s a throwback to the old table top games mixed with Magic: The Gathering but without all the pen and paper and dice rolling muck. I think their approach makes this usually perplexing system easy to understand for the laymen out there. With the huge amount of monsters, loot and cards, I can see some serious turn-based strategy going down that’s perfect for you loot junkies.

Check out the video:
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D&D Tabletop Role-Playing in a Nutshell

Ok I admit it, I used to play tabletop pen & paper role playing games. Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer, and Cyberpunk to name a few.

This video sums up every gaming experience I have ever had:

If those guys look familiar, they’re are from early 2000 games called Summoner and Red Faction. The skit was done by The DeadAlewives. This is by far my favorite animated version of the routine.