How I feel about all this Skyrim and mods and stuff.

Skyrim Mods and StuffA Dummy Like Me Has No Reason to Mod

Skyrim! I hate this game. I love this game. It’s just not worth playing without mods in my opinion. I tried, I really did. But it was so boring to me that I had to give up. That was before I bought a good computer that could handle all sorts of modern games. Playing Skyrim on my PS3 was embarrassing. Bethesda dumped some buggy crap on the PS3 community. Then don’t get me started on the 360 version I tried. That was also a lesson in futility but it worked a little better. The bottom line is that vanilla Skyrim is a boring game. It really is. Continue reading

DeadNarlwhal’s Fallout 3 Mod List

Ok I have actually stepped backwards in my gaming adventures and have had a wicked awesome experience playing Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. I have to say right off the bat that Fallout New Vegas is far superior. It has a couple of guys who helped make the original two fallout games in the 90’s and has that old Fallout feel to it.  If you ever played and loved the original fallouts you’ll most likely like New Vegas (FONV).

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What’s next for Everquest?
Why Everquest Next is!

That vague “bigger, better, different” mantra that seems to be all the craze of MMO developers everywhere, was heard once again during Sony Online Entertainment’s Annual SOE Live convention in Las Vegas. CEO John Smedley made Peter-Molyneux-esque claims about the latest, blandly-named addition to the Everquest franchise including such bold statements as “biggest sandbox MMO ever created” and “something the MMO world has never seen before”.

I apologize in advance for using Everquest’s news as a soapbox rant about the current state of MMORPG’s, but this seems appropriate. Way back when, I lost my social life and many hours of my time wandering around Norrath in one of the worst experience grinds known to MMORPG history.

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Mr. Blick’s DayZ Survival Guide

DayZ is a free mod for the Arma II game that’s amazingly fun. I’ve watched the YouTube videos and tried to resist but it was futile. Then Steam ran their Summer Sale and dropped the price of their Arma II Combined Operations. I bought the game and played DayZ that very day. I recommend installing Six Launcher as it updates and configures all the mod requirements for you.

Now I’m hooked on DayZ. It’s a love-hate relationship chock full of rage-quit worthy moments of frustration and adrenaline fueled, near-death experiences. I’ve played it for several weeks now and don’t consider myself an expert but here are a few things I’ve learned along the way.

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Deadnarwhal’s Skyrim Mod List

I have had about a month now to play around with mods on Skyrim and have gotten a pretty good feel for how they work. I often read comments from the console players on how its unfair how they can’t use mods to enhance their Skyrim experience. I was in that same boat for a long time. And for about the same length of time I couldn’t wait to get a computer that could run a Bethesda game. I know now that to try and run a mod on consoles would be an utter waste of time. Several things would happen on a Xbox or Ps3 modded version of Skyrim but actually playing it would not be one of them.

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Tired of Being Tough

I’ve been playing RPG’s for a long time. I started way back in the days of Legacy of the Ancients and Bards Tale on a Commodore 64. Role playing games are one of my favorite genres.

Through the years I’ve realized an annoying trend with late stage character development. As you progress through the game you inevitably end up a bad ass with no real threat or challenge left. You can kill whole towns and drop big baddies with single hits. Obviously, the whole point is to become a bad ass but I just find it boring after a while. Why should I buy an expansion or DLC if I can steamroll through everything the game throws at me?  So my only option left is to create a new character. I don’t have all the answers but I will complain about it.

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My very own Skyrim Modding experience: Part I

I discovered the new Steam Workshop the other day and have been playing Skyrim non-stop since then.  But after having to start my character over completely I realized an important thing.  Modding messes your stuff up no matter how well they run.  I had 31 plug-ins going at once and it was pretty cool though maybe that was why things went bad.  I mostly stuck with the graphic overhauls, like dynamic outskirts and dynamic cities, which adds a more vibrant look to the world.

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Gaming doesn’t always make sense.

Playing Skyrim can get a little ridiculous at times.  I’ve put a lot of hours into the game but have yet to finish it.  I am a console player too so when I bought it for my Ps3 I wasn’t prepared to get the list of shit that came with it.  I eventually stopped playing it for several reasons.  Besides all the game breaking bugs the biggest was once you hit a certain level you seem to be all but invincible.  Okay now running around in GOD mode is cool in games.  But it gets so boring after about 20 minutes.  I remember hitting god-mode in Doom and liking the fact that the fat bastard blob thing can’t kill me now.  But the fact that the fat bastard blob thing normally handed me my ass made the game challenging and fun.  You kill him with skill not anything else.  Here I am running around skyrim killing dragons with 3 hits of a sword.  No skill just like I’m in god-mode.  Dude, that is so lame.

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