Ridiculous Glitch – Free, Trippy Flappy Bird Clone


Here’s a trippy, seizure-inducing nod to the Flappy bird trend. Ridiculous Glitching — the name sums it up — takes some liberties with Pac-Man graphics and throws in chiptune-y techno. There’s only one control while you dodge mustached ghosts and grab cherries. It’s simple but damn addicting. I got a score of 14…some crazy bastard has the high score of 206.

Play It Online Here!

Ming Mecca What?

I’m not quite sure what I’m looking at. It’s got dials, plugs and switches and resembles a 1940’s telephone switchboard. It’s called Ming Mecca which happens to be a reference from the movie “Pi”, and it generates “video games”.

Ming Mecca by Special Stage Systems, is an analog video game synthesizer also referred to as a voltage controlled video game console. Not that this explains much. The amazing yet abstract 80’s debut trailer below doesn’t help either.

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Retro-Cool: A Wooden Atari 2600 that’s Portable

Nothing says retro like a custom, wooden Atari 2600. This guy in Turkey, who goes by “retro_mood”, created a portable Atari 2600 that works with the old school cartridges and includes just about all the functionality of the original console. Plus, he added a pause function somehow. That wasn’t heard of back in the day kiddies.

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