Dishonored Final Mission and Ending

Dishonored is a pretty decent stealth game. The levels were unique with different options to achieve your goals although they all came down to either being Good or Bad. Teleporting, possessing enemies, and rigging security systems added some refreshing options to the stealth genre. Things got a little repetitious towards the end but it was fun ride.

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StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Ending

On to Legacy of the Void...
Well, I beat it. About 4 days in and a total of 8 hours or so. Heart of the Swarm had a nice variety of missions, although there weren’t that many. Most of the missions expanded as you progressed so they weren’t simple and quick. I don’t care for timed missions though and it seemed they crammed an awful lot of them in there.

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BulletStorm: Final Confrontation
and Ending

Spoiler Alert!

BulletStorm is offensive, tasteless and vulgar, and I love it. Plenty of style and personality with good ole fashion, over the top, gun-blazing carnage. I recall several WTF moments with a ridiculous abundance of profanity and flying body parts but unfortunately it’s all stuffed in an 8 hour wrapper. Overall I recommend it, especially if you happen upon it during one of Steam’s infamous sales.

I split the ending into two videos, here’s Part 1:
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