Retro-Cool: A Wooden Atari 2600 that’s Portable

Nothing says retro like a custom, wooden Atari 2600. This guy in Turkey, who goes by “retro_mood”, created a portable Atari 2600 that works with the old school cartridges and includes just about all the functionality of the original console. Plus, he added a pause function somehow. That wasn’t heard of back in the day kiddies.

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Atari, Say It Ain’t So…

I look back on the Atari 2600 with a wholesome nostalgia. It’s there in the golden haze of my childhood when games seemed simple and innocent. How can you offend anyone with such pixilated graphics and when gore and blood were practically unheard of?

Well, I thought that was the case until I found out about Custer’s Revenge. Evidently someone out there thought the Atari 2600 needed an offensive adult video game. Before I get into the details, I recommend you kiddies skip this post. The graphics may be comically bad but the content is inappropriate none the less.

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