Atari, Say It Ain’t So…

I look back on the Atari 2600 with a wholesome nostalgia. It’s there in the golden haze of my childhood when games seemed simple and innocent. How can you offend anyone with such pixilated graphics and when gore and blood were practically unheard of?

Well, I thought that was the case until I found out about Custer’s Revenge. Evidently someone out there thought the Atari 2600 needed an offensive adult video game. Before I get into the details, I recommend you kiddies skip this post. The graphics may be comically bad but the content is inappropriate none the less.

So this someone I’m referring to is a game company called Mystique who made adult games for the Atari 2600. As you can imagine, they were all horrible.

Custer’s Revenge features a pantless cowboy out to sexually conquer Indian women that are tied to cacti. Yes, someone thought that was a good idea for a video game and then someone else actually coded the game. It’s detestable premise is matched by it’s vapid gameplay. Dodge some arrows and jump a female Indian. That’s pretty much the extent of the game. Mystique figured offending women’s rights groups, anti-pornography groups, and gamers with taste wasn’t enough so they had to piss off the American Indians as well. This tripe was eventually pulled off the shelves and Atari caught some heat. As with all bad press, Custer’s Revenge gained some notoriety and became Mystiques’s best selling title.

You can find videos of the action on Youtube. I won’t sully my blog any further with this garbage.

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