Adventure. Made in 1979. Awesome.

Yes you kids of today will scoff at this. You have no appreciation for the pioneering games of the early 80’s. So many current games ride on pretty graphics, special effects, and trendy mechanics instead of solid, fun game play.

Although the graphics are horrid compared to today’s standards, this game is a great example of the bare minimal requirements of a fun game.

Adventure for the Atari 2600 actually started the action/adventure game genre. Its the first game to feature an Easter Egg. It also sports 3 game modes, one of which randomizes the locations of all the items thus creating a new experience every time. And you thought Diablo started that. You have to give its creator, Warren Robinett, credit for what he accomplished with so little resources.

The game features you as a mighty square out to find a magic chalice. To do so, you need to search multiple screens, find keys to open castles and use tools such as a magnet to attract unreachable items and the bridge to cross large blocks of color. You also need you arrow sword to defend yourself against three duck dragons. They’re supposed to be dragons but they’re awfully similar to ducks. Oh yeah, and then there’s the bat.

The bat is more of a pain in the ass than an enemy, it randomly flies around grabbing and dropping anything in its way. This can include the bridge you so carefully placed, the sword your carrying or one of the damn dragons. It’s actually possible to get eaten by a dragon and then picked up by the bat and dragged around all the screens.

The three dragons have names so maybe you’ll think twice next time before killing one. Yorgle, the yellow dragon, Grundle, the green dragon, and Rhindle, the red dragon. I haven’t played this game in ages but I recall the Red dragon being more aggressive, maybe he’s just faster because he’s red. I don’t know. And the Yellow Dragon would run whenever you grabbed the arrow sword.

Adventure has a special place in my heart. I recall many elementary school days playing this prior to the bus coming in the morning. And for the end of this post, here’s a link to play a Java version of Adventure in all its glory, thanks to the guys over at 2600online. For you lazy people, here’s a video:

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